The Right Way to Select the Right Baby Monitor

02 Aug 2013 08:52
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Making a decision about the baby monitor to buy for your household is generally difficult, even with all the reviews online. For parents buying a baby monitor for the first time specially, even having an idea of what you should keep in mind can be challenging. The good news is, we’re here to help make sense of baby monitor reviews and get the one, which is appropriate for your family. You must be assured to leave the nursery and rely on the device to tell you whenever your child needs you, therefore it's vital to pick the unit best fitting to your home and lifestyle.

Considerations when shopping for a child monitor

Walls and Other Appliances

These units operate by transferring audio and in some cases video feed, letting you listen out for hungry bellies as well as nappies that are dirty, but importantly ensuring your child’s safety. Usually, the baby monitor suitable for your home is the one that, reviews report features the highest audio quality, wherever you are inside your home.


The signal of the baby monitor is linking you and your boy or girl, nonetheless it can be cut off by dense walls, or prone to disruption from quite a few home appliances, for instance microwaves, netbooks, other baby monitors, mobile phone devices, etc. If your broadcast is affected by interference, you will not be getting the best quality audio out of your device and may well not realize if your child wants you. As an overall indicator, in case you have lots of electronic appliances, thick walls or neighbors with babies and their own baby monitors, then disturbance may be a problem.

The good news is, interference could be quickly negated by current monitors that have digital encoding to stop undesirable wireless frequencies. As you may realize, analogue monitors are considerably more susceptible to interference and, though they are usually inexpensive, your child’s safety is very important. When you are reviewing baby monitor reviews, search for models, which transmit at 900MHz or more. These signals are not normally used by other home appliances and can easily go through thick walls.

Thick walls are not the only thing that you must bear in mind however; how large your home is, will also have an impact on on your monitor's results. When getting the device, be sure to confirm that the range of the unit is appropriate for the size of your property. Keep in mind, the statements on the box are a maximum, which are founded on an open field test. The range, in a real home, could be around 30x less than the claim on the box, that is why when you purchase a system, it's well worth making sure the range reaches where you want it to be. A number of baby monitor reviews will definitely remark if the range of a monitor is quite shorter than claimed. Certain monitors feature maximum range alarms that inform you if you're touching the limit of system's broadcast.

Different Kinds of Monitors

Alongside the conventional audio monitors, a number of companies these days sell baby video monitors, which come with tiny cameras that feature infrared system - assisting you to see the cause for your child's disturbance by the parent unit you have. These devices are perfect for assisting parents to see if there is anything really serious going on and if they have to go to the baby's room, but they're high-priced and feature a much shorter battery life. When thinking about getting a baby video monitor, bear in mind the video cannot show you when your child is crying, so good audio quality is obviously the most vital child safety feature to base your decision on. Additionally, video monitor reviews have a shorter broadcast range, that's why it is worth making sure the device works properly throughout you house.


A Few More Things to Consider

Alongside these core features for your baby's safety, current baby monitors can be bought featuring many additional functions. Many systems boast automatic nightlights so as to help fitful sleepers drift off to sleep in case they stir any time during the night. Some models have they feature that they can inform you when the child's room becomes very hot or very cold, alert you of any movement in the room, remind you when you have to feed your child, or feature a function of two-way communication to allow you to talk to them! By reading baby monitor reviews, you can decided the functions you want for your unit.

Remember, the great number of functions your system has the greater the demand on the battery. Even the monitoring system with the most features on Earth cannot guarantee your child’s safety if your unit has a dead battery. To make sure that your monitoring system is never without power, you can purchase gadgets that alert you when the battery is low, however, getting a system that has two parent units could be a much better option. This means you can charge one unit plugged in the main switch in the room where you spend most of your time, whilst carrying another unit with you, allowing you to move with less restrictions as well as constantly ensure the safety of your kid.

Baby monitors reviews

While there are a lot of things to consider when buying a baby monitor, ensure your baby's safety (and your sleep!) by ensuring that you purchase the suitable device for your child.

If you look at the top edge of the scale, there’s the award winning Phillips AVENT DETC Baby Monitor range. Even though expensive, this model offers unparalleled audio quality and, by incorporation of digital encoding system, ensures that you can hear your newborn just perfectly, without worrying about chance of disturbances. All systems in the AVENT series have modifiable sensitivity, remotely activated night light, maximum range and low battery alarms, along with two-way transmission. If you consider the expensive models in this range, they also have the ability to detect temperature, infra-red video monitoring as well as two or more than two parent units.


Individuals seeking a cheaper solution may like the Motorola MBP36, featuring clear sound quality, two way transmission, temperature alerts as well as lullaby playback at a cheap price. The more costly units in this series also feature video data with support for up to four cameras.

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